The full library of wood grain materials (fills) for Sketchup.

Wood Textures for Sketchup

Wood textures for Sketchup are pretty limited by default (they’re called materials in Sketchup Land), and if you spend a lot of time in the program you’ll soon be bored and annoyed with them. The limited variety makes it difficult to add visual appeal to your drawings that accurately represents your work. Sketchup is great at conveying shape and dimensions, […]

A set of bench hooks made from two 12" scraps of 2 x 4.

Bench Hooks Inspired by Roy Underhill

The deeper I fall down the woodworking rabbit hole, the more I’m drawn to shop-made solutions. I discovered a video of Roy Underhill of the Woodwright’s Shop making something called a bench hook, and it was a real forehead-slapping moment for me. Woodworkers spend a ton of time and money on work-holding clamps and jigs. This video […]


Upgrading a Dewalt DW735 Planer to a Shelix Cutterhead

I’m just going to put it out there: out of the box my Dewalt DW735 was a huge disappointment, and it continued to disappoint me through two years, hundreds of board feet of stock, and multiple blade replacements. I finally convinced myself to invest in a Shelix Cutterhead. This post documents the experience. Why I Purchased […]

A splice of NM cable made outside of a junction box.

Can You Spot the Electrical Code Violations?

Can you spot even more electrical code violations in this video? Back in the 1980’s my 1860’s house was retrofitted into a dental office.  The walls and ceilings were originally finished with plaster and lathe, but during the remodel some of them were covered with ½” drywall and some were just covered in wallpaper.  The […]

Smashing Pumpkins

Staying Positive In The Face of Garden Vandalism

Living in town definitely poses some gardening challenges.  You run into space constraints.  You have to get creative about doing it in a way that doesn’t annoy the neighbors and of course, you’ll have to deal with pests of the upright hominid variety. In the past week someone stole and smashed all but one of the […]